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Raclette cheeses in the Valais

Your essential destination to savor the excellence of the Swiss cheese tradition. Here, we celebrate raw milk cheese with raclette, this exceptional product, emblem of Valais, a region renowned for its ancestral know-how. Our selection of PDO (Protected Origin) cheese promises an authentic and flavor-rich taste experience. Quite a story.

The Valais raclette PDO Is a centuries-old tradition in Switzerland, particularly in the canton of Valaisan. This flagship product, a symbol of conviviality and sharing, is at the heart of our passion. It is distinguished by its unique taste, the result of meticular refining and the quality of raw milk. Exclusively from cows raised in the green prairies of the region. The canton of Valais, land of character and authenticity, offers ideal conditions for the manufacture of exceptional raclette cheeses. (agriculture)

At Misterraclette We are proud to work closely with the best raclette producers and cheese makers in the township. These artisans of taste, heirs to know-how passed down from generation to generation, is made using traditional methods and refined in their cellar for several months. This AOP raclette product, our pride, is the result of this unique know-how. Each mold is carefully prepared, from the selection of the highest quality raw milk to the refining, which confers this melting texture and its incomparable taste.

Our range of cheeses to Valais raclette PDO

This range is aimed at all lovers of authentic flavors. Whether you prefer a soft and creamy paste or a more pronounced character, you will find with us different pieces that will delight your taste buds.

The manufacturing process is steeped in tradition and innovation. From milking the cows to the table, each step is carried out with the greatest care to guarantee a high-quality production. The refining, a crucial step, is carefully monitored by our experienced cheese makers, who adapt their technique to each wheel to exalted its flavors.

On Misterraclette , We are committed to promoting the wealth of food in Valais. You support a local and sustainable economy, and you participate in the preservation of a unique culinary heritage. Our goal is to make you discover and appreciate the best, this jewel of Switzerland, through a rigorous selection and a shared passion.

The raclette is much more than just a meal; it's an experience to share, a moment of pleasure and relaxation. Whether for an evening with friends or a family meal, this delicious puts, brings together and warms hearts. On our site you will find everything you need to make this iconic dish a success. To put in your basket as soon as possible.

What are the alpage raclette cheeses?

The cheeses to Raclette (cheese) D'alpage are cheeses produced in high mountains during the summer period, where cows feed on the fresh and diverse grass of the mountain pastes. This rich diet confers on milk, and therefore cheese, a particularly rich and varied palette of flavors and aromas. Among the most popular pasty raclette cheeses, we find the Valais raclette AOP. A Cheese Swiss which benefits from a protected designation of origin and which is manufactured in a traditional way. There are also some alpine raclette cheeses produced in other alpine regions of France, Italy and Austria. Each with its own characteristics linked to the specific terroir of production. These cheeses are often sought after for their superior quality and ability to turn a raclette dish into an exceptional taste experience. Feel free to add a Raclette cheese Dairy to your basket and read the description of each cheese mold.

How much raclette cheese per person?

The amount of raclette cheese to be expected per person depends on several factors, including the appetite of the guests and the presence of accompaniment. As a rule, it is advisable to count between 200 and 250 (gram weight) of cheese per person. It is always better to plan a little more cheese than necessary to avoid missing out, especially if the guests are big raclette enthusiasts. Well obviously the raclette cheese is free of Lacetose.