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Our versatile range of portable raclette ovens

Explore our versatile range of portable raclette ovens on Misterraclette, perfect for enhancing your convivial moments, wherever you are. These innovative devices, designed for mobile foodies, combine practicality and performance. Whether it's the Easy gas version, the Misterraclette raclette oven version or the wood fire version, you will never be disappointed when scraping your half wheel of cheese .

A jewel of technology

Each oven in our online store is a technological gem, easy to transport for gourmet evenings outdoors or intimate gatherings at home. Misterraclette is committed to offering ovens with superior characteristics: compatibility with a small gas cylinder and suitable gas pipe.

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Buy with confidence from the shop, add to your cart, and benefit from fast delivery to start the experience without waiting. Celebrate Swiss tradition with an oven that highlights authenticity and taste.

Symbol of innovation for portable raclette ovens

With our selection at Misterraclette, each portable raclette oven is a symbol of innovation and ease. Whether for a festive meeting with loved ones or a quiet evening with a small group, our devices meet all expectations. Our ovens are masterpieces of Swiss Made manufacturing, offering uncompromising quality and versatility for memorable raclettes wherever you go. Take to the skies and add spontaneity to your meals with an item designed to accompany your most daring culinary adventures.