Raclette cheese from Haudères AOP

CHF 75.00

Raclette cheese from Les Haudères: A delight from Valais

Les Haudères raclette cheese is an artisanal product carefully crafted at the Laiterie Centrale d'Evolène, in the Valais region of Switzerland. 100% natural and 100% Valaisan, this raw milk cheese is the result of the passionate work of our breeders and their protégées. The cows, fed with grass from the high-altitude pastures of the Evolène region, give this cheese a unique and wonderful taste. Thanks to the know-how of our artisan cheesemakers, Les Haudères raclette cheese is creamy, melting and offers an incomparable taste experience.

Raclette cheese awards and recognitions

Les Haudères raclette cheese has been awarded several times by the Interprofession Raclette du Valais PDO for its exceptional quality. Its flavors and creamy texture have made it an ideal companion for convivial raclette evenings. Our raclette cheese has been recognized for its quality in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022, allowing it to become one of the best raclette cheeses in Valais and Switzerland. Its charm operates when it melts under the burner of the raclette oven, bringing a warm atmosphere to your guests. Share a moment of conviviality and sharing around the table with the raclette cheese of Les Haudères.

The Valais PDO raclette cheese from our terroir

We are proud to offer a Valais PDO raclette cheese from our terroir and made with respect for local traditions and the environment. By working closely with our breeders, we offer you a product of exceptional quality. Order our Haudères raclette cheese online now and receive a fresh and tasty product directly at home. Look no further, enjoy an unforgettable taste experience with our raclette cheese from Les Haudères.
Discover why it is considered one of the best raclette cheeses, ideal for sharing warm and gourmet moments with friends and family.

Characteristics of Haudères raclette cheese

  • Raclette du Valais PDO with raw milk
  • Semi-hard fatty cheese
  • Packaged in 1/2 piece washed and vacuum-packed and ready to use,
  • Average weight of a 1/2 piece: 2.4kg
  • Refining 3 to 5 months
  • Vacuum storage in the fridge: 1 month
  • Delivery every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday