Goat raclette cheese with raw milk

CHF 86.00

Goat raclette cheese: An unprecedented Valaisan touch

A treasure for raclette lovers

From the first glance, you will be intrigued by our goat raclette cheese made of raw milk. This cheese is distinguished by a melting texture and a delicate flavor, emblematic of goat's milk. In addition, its softness and finesse will undoubtedly fill the most refined palates. So, for a unique culinary experience, let yourself be tried by this delicious goat's milk cheese.

Unforgettable moments guaranteed

By choosing our goat raclette cheese, you introduce a certain elegance to your meals. Moreover, its exquise flavor and velvated texture will without hesitation charm lovers of goat cheese. Then let yourself be carried away by its spelleting scent. In the end, prepare for exceptional moments of sharing thanks to our goat raclette.

Goat raclette cheese: An extraordinary grindstone

Carefully presented as a whole unwashed grindstone, our goat raclette cheese ensures a creamy texture perfect for raclette. At each tasting, you will let yourself be transported by its subtle notes and its tenderness. Thus, you will discover a new dimension of the high-end raclette. And don't forget, before you start, to scratch your crust.

Features of our cheese

  • Valais cheese with raw goat milk
  • Semi-hard fatty cheese
  • Conditioning in an unmapped room
  • Average weight of a piece: 1.6kg
  • 2 to 3 months refining
  • Vacuum conservation