Goat raclette cheese with raw milk

CHF 85.00

Goat raclette cheese with raw milk: A unique experience

Discover our Raclette cheese Goat made from raw milk, a real rare pearl for raclette lovers. Made with care by the Fromagerie de chèvre de Grimisuat, this raclette cheese offers a melting texture and a delicate flavor, characteristic of goat's milk. With its sweetness and finesse, our cheese to Raclette Goat will seduce the most demanding palate. Add a note of originality to your raclette tasting by opting for this delicious goat's milk cheese.

A goat raclette cheese for moments of conviviality

Our cheese to Raclette Goat is specially designed to bring a touch of refinement to your meals. Its delicate taste and melting texture make it an ideal choice for goat cheese lovers. Savor a unique taste experience by melting this delicious goat raclette cheese. Let yourself be seduced by the subtle aroma of goat cheese which goes perfectly with the traditional accompaniments of raclette. Offer yourself moments of conviviality and fun with our goat raclette cheese.

A quality goat raclette cheese wheel

Our goat raclette cheese is presented as a whole unwashed wheel. This goat cheese wheel offers a creamy and melting texture that lends itself perfectly to cast iron under your raclette oven. Savor every bite of this delicious raw milk goat raclette cheese, and let yourself be carried away by its subtle aromas and sweetness on the palate. Discover a new dimension of raclette with our top quality goat raclette cheese.
Do not forget to disclog the cheese wheel (grate the croute) before chunking.

Features of Goat raclette cheese

  • Valais raclette cheese with raw goat milk
  • Semi-hard fatty cheese
  • Conditioning in an unmapped room
  • Average weight of a piece: 1.6kg
  • 2 to 3 months refining
  • Vacuum conservation