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Welcome to the page dedicated to raclette ovens from, where tradition meets innovation to transform every family day into a feast of unforgettable flavors. Let's discover together this essential product, its history, the reference brands, and of course, our wide selection available online, promising fast delivery to make your next evening perfect.

How powerful are casters?

Power is crucial to ensure fast, even melting. Versions generally range from 600 to 1500 watts. The ideal selection depends on the intended use: for a traditional half-grinder, opt for an appliance with at least 1000 watts to ensure sufficient heat and precise temperature control.

Who invented the raclette oven?

Its origins lie in Swiss tradition. While the specific invention of the modern oven is difficult to attribute, the raclette appliance as we know it today was popularized in the 1970s by brands such as TTM, who revolutionized the way this dish was enjoyed by offering practical, efficient electric raclette appliances.

This innovation transformed an ancestral practice into a modern, convivial culinary experience. Please avoid table-top grills and opt for a magnificent traditional raclette oven.

What are the raclette brands?

Several brands stand out in the field of ovens for the varied needs of enthusiasts. TTM is renowned for its traditional half-round models.

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Discover and order your ideal part at Our online catalog features models to suit all tastes: from traditional gas appliances (easy gas) for authentic flavor, to modern electric versions with precise temperature control, tilting cheese rack, and a variety of designs - round, square, or wide - perfectly suited to meet your expectations. Or wood-fired raclette ovens for traditional wood-fired raclette.