Collection: Dairy raclette cheeses

Valais cheese tradition

Immerse yourself in the heart of Swiss cheese tradition with our exclusive collection of dairy raclette cheese, available on the Misterraclette online store. Our rigorous selection highlights the ancestral know-how of Valais, a region renowned for its exceptional cheeses such as the famous Bagnes 98, the tasty Raclette des Haudères, the Orsières dairy, or the Anniviers dairy. Each wheel is the fruit of cow's milk carefully selected for its richness and superior quality, the promise of a melting and fragrant cow's milk raclette.

Emblematic dairies of Valais

Our cheeses come directly from the emblematic dairies of Valais, such as the dairy of Haudères, where raw milk cheese is still made using methods passed down from generation to generation. Whether it's full-fat cow's milk cheese or the delicate goat's milk variety, each option is a guarantee of authenticity and taste. By adding these cheeses to your basket, you not only invite a slice of Swiss culture to your table, but you also help preserve a gastronomic heritage, unique in the world.

Commitment to an experience

Adding these exceptional cheeses to your basket at Misterraclette is not only a gourmet choice, it is a commitment to a rich culinary experience and uncompromising AOP quality. Our online store simplifies your purchase: in just a few clicks, select the cheeses of your choice, check their unique characteristics, and benefit from fast and careful delivery. In addition, our cheeses are packaged with the greatest care, often vacuum-packed, to preserve their freshness and flavor right to your door.

Exploration of rare flavors

That's not all, with Misterraclette, you have the opportunity to explore rare flavors like those from Grimisuat or the Haudères cheese factory in Hérémence, each region bringing its distinctive note to the cheese. Our offer is not limited to traditional raclette; we also offer modern variations suitable for all tastes and occasions, whether it is an evening with friends or a family meal. Raclettes transcend borders and bring people together around the richness of melted cheese.

Appellation Valais AOP

At Misterraclette, we understand that Raclette du Valais AOP is more than a product, it is an experience of sharing and conviviality. This is why our cheeses, from a renowned cheese factory, are selected for their ability to create unforgettable moments. They are the ideal accompaniment for your potatoes, your dried meat and your pickles, creating a harmony of flavors that will delight your guests during your raclettes.

Fast and reliable delivery of our products

We're proud to offer fast, reliable delivery so you can plan your next raclette party worry-free. Each cheese is a celebration, a tribute to the traditional wheel of raclette cheese and an invitation to discover the heat of a fire-fired raclette of impeccable quality. Don’t hesitate to add a cheese to your basket.