What wine to drink with a good cheese raclette?

Prefer white wine?

When choosing a wine to accompany a good traditional cheese raclette, keep in mind that the traditional Valais grape variety is Chasselas. Whether it's a Fendant from Valais or a Chasselas from another part of French-speaking Switzerland, it's always a good idea to serve a cheese raclette with it. Not least because Fendant is a light, fruity and dry wine, it pairs well with cheese dishes which tend to be harder to digest.

Riesling Sylvaner is the white wine that represents German Switzerland. These wines are dry and extremely light. Choosing this type of wine is therefore also a good idea, especially if you prefer a subtle and easy-drinking wine.

Sylvaner, also called "Johannisberg" in Valais, is a wine that pairs beautifully with traditional cheese raclette. In general, this type of wine has a wider mouthfeel (meaning it has more substance), and its typical light aroma goes well with salty and fatty foods like raclette.

Rather red wine?

Some red wines have ideal characteristics to accompany cheese dishes such as raclette or fondue. In addition, raclette is a convivial meal where "the small dishes are served in the big ones". So it's easy to let your imagination run wild and introduce your friends and family to a good red wine.

Gamay is a grape variety that gives light, fruity and tasty red wines. These are the ideal characteristics for an aperitif wine. In addition, this wine should be served rather chilled (10° to 14° and rarely above), which is welcome when paired with a hot dish such as Valais cheese raclette.

Pinot Noir is also a wise choice. It tends to be a little more intense than Gamay, but it also has the elegance and indulgence that makes it a good partner for cheese dishes. In addition, there is a wide variety of Pinot Noirs to discover in Switzerland. Instead of choosing tough, high-alcohol red wines that won't be enjoyed, choose flavorful and enjoyable red wines.

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