Authenque raclette du Valais by Eddy Baillifard

Authentic Valais raclette: A culinary journey to the heart of the Swiss alps

Hello, I have the immense pleasure of guiding you today through the history and secrets of the authentic raclette of Valais. Follow me to these mountain pastures, where the cheese comes to life, filled with unique aromas and an unwavering tradition.

Discovering the pastures of Valais

It all started here, in the northern pastures, where the rustic bovine breed of Valais grazed the fresh grass. This diet, varied according to altitudes, confers on milk, and therefore cheese, this authentic, aromatic and full-body taste. From lactic aromas in the plains to notes of larch and tree in the wooded areas, to the floral scrolls of the heights, the Valais raclette comes in a fascinating palette of flavors.

Choosing a raclette cheese from Valais PDO

Selecting a good raclette cheese begins with the eye: look for a homogeneous color and a constant thickness. Each cheese, stamped with its first name, testimony to its precise origin in Valais, promises a unique taste experience. The flexibility of the dough and the melodiness it emits under pressure reveal its quality and its ideal preparation for a perfect raclette.

Preparing the real Valais raclette

The raclette requires careful preparation, starting with the choice of the right equipment. Whether it's an electric, gas oven, or wood-fired cooking for purists, every detail counts to sublimate the cheese. Using aluminum foil under the cheese makes it easy to clean and optimizes heat diffusion, while the specific raclette knife guarantees perfect cutting and service.

Traditional accompaniments and tasting tips

Small pickles, onions, onion salad, vinegar vegetables, and above all, the mountain potato with firm flesh, constitute the traditional accompaniments of raclette. Hydration of the racer is also crucial for an optimal experience. Finally, respecting the distance between the cheese and the heating element ensures a perfect cast iron, without alerting the authentic taste of the cheese.

Conclusion: An invitation to the Valais table

Here, dear Gourmets, how to prepare and savor a raclette from Valais according to the rules of the art. Now you are free to perpetuate this tradition, share it and enrich it. Good appetite and above all, health!


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