Gas adapter for TTM oven

CHF 275.00

The best solution to alternate between an electric TTM oven and a gas TTM oven

This part fits a traditional TTM electric raclette oven.
With this arm, you can transform your existing TTM electric oven into a gas oven at a lower cost.
Installation is very quick and easy. All you have to do is replace this new part with the old one when assembling your TTM raclette oven.
Thanks to this new accessory for raclette oven, you can increase the rate of raclette during your evenings with friends thanks to gas. A new experience to try with good PDO raclette cheeses.

Allows you to store only one raclette device instead of 2

This system makes it possible to store a single device instead of 2 and to combine the functionalities of two devices in one. Enjoy the versatility of this raclette oven accessory. This masterpiece of functional design allows you to alternate between a gas oven, useful when you want to quickly serve many guests. Or an electric raclette oven to take your time with 4 to 6 guests around the table.

Features of the TTM electric raclette oven adapter

  • Power of 2.6 KW – 3.4 kW (depends if you open the valve fully)
  • Height: 40cm
  • Weight: about 2kg
  • Mode of Operation: Gas
  • Approved for outdoor and indoor use
  • Supplied with regulator and high pressure hose (length 1.5m, internal diameter 8mm)