Gas adapter for traditional oven

CHF 290.00

Optimize your experience with a traditional raclette oven adapter

If you own a traditional electric raclette oven, here's a hack to improve it. Thanks to an adapter arm, you can easily convert your electric oven into a gas raclette oven. Not only is this transformation economical, but the installation is also a piece of cake. It is enough to replace the old part with this new one during assembly. Imagine increasing the pace of your raclette evenings with friends thanks to the power of the gas. It's a new culinary adventure to try, especially with delicious PDO raclette cheeses.

A single raclette oven for two features

Rather than clogging up your storage space with two separate devices, why not combine their features into one? This innovative accessory offers you this versatility. You can choose the gas raclette oven mode when you have many diners and want to serve quickly. And for more intimate moments, with 4 to 6 people, opt for the electric raclette oven mode. This is the ideal solution to adapt to all situations.

The benefits of increased flexibility

Opting for an adaptable raclette oven is choosing flexibility and convenience. Whether you are having a big party or an intimate dinner, having the possibility to switch from one mode to another guarantees you an optimal experience. In addition, by using the gas mode, you benefit from a rapid rise in temperature, which is ideal for meeting the appetite. On the other hand, electric mode offers uniform cooking, perfect for enjoying your raclette at your own pace. In short, this adapter is the essential tool for all raclette enthusiasts who seek both efficiency and versatility.

Zoom on adapter for electric raclette oven

  • Variable power: 2.6 KW - 3.4 KW (depending on the opening of the valve)
  • Height: 40cm
  • Weight: barely 1.4kg
  • Works by gas
  • Approved for outdoor use
  • Included: regulator and high pressure hose (1.5m length, inner diameter 8mm)