The process of making the raclette

Making raclette cheese

At the heart of the pasture and artisan cheese making, the Dubai family perpetuates an ancestrale cheese tradition. Indeed, this article exploring the process of making raclette cheese, a pillar of regional food, while underlining the commitment and know-how necessary to produce an exceptional cheese. Therefore, through an immersion in their daily lives, we will discover how dedication and passion are essential to the creation of a product that delighted palate and perpetuate traditions.

History and importance of raclette

The raclette, much more than a simple dish, is a symbol of conviviality. Its origin dates back several centuries in mountainous regions, where it was an essential meal for shepherds. Moreover, today, it represents a fundamental aspect of the culinary heritage, which links generations through time and cultures.

The process for making raclette cheese

Trafficking in cows and collecting milk

Every morning, the Dubost family begins their day with miling cows. A privileged moment which marks the beginning of the manufacturing process. Subsequently, we harvest the fresh milk, essential to the quality of the cheese, with care, thus underlining the importance of each step of the process and the care given to the selection of ingredients.

Milk preparation and the addition of crops

After milking, milk and seeding are prepared with specific bacterial cultures. Just after, this first step becomes crucial for developing the characteristic flavors of raclette cheese, highlighting the vital importance of this initial phase in creating a product with an authentic and rich taste.

Coagulation and cutting of the curd

The milk coagulas under the action of the precore, forming a curd that is carefully cut. Then, this delicate step significantly influences the texture of the cheese, demonstrating the importance of accuracy and attention to detail in the manufacturing process.

The brewing and processing of the curd

The curd is then brewed and processed to achieve the desired consistency. The addition of water allows the cheese to melt perfectly during tasting.

The pressing and mold of the cheese

Eventually, the cheese is pressed and molded, taking its final shape. This process reveals the freshness and accuracy of the cheese manufacturer.

The refining: a key step

The refining Is essential to develop the unique taste of cheese. In the refining cellar, each cheese is carefully cared for, reflecting the Dubost family's passion for their craft.

The cheese tradition in the mountain pastures

The making of cheese in the pastes is a precious legacy, symbolizing the union between man and nature. In addition, the Dubai family embodies this heritage, guaranteeing the survival of an ancestral art, and thus underlining their crucial role in the preservation of centuries-old traditions and know-how.

Artisanal Fromagerie

Through the record of the Family Dubost , We rediscover the importance of artisan know-how in the manufacture of raclette cheese. This cheese, much more than a food, is the fruit of a passion passed down from generation to generation.

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