Square raclette knife

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The raclette knife: the essential tool for a perfect raclette

When it comes to raclette, having the right tool makes all the difference. The raclette knife is the ideal tool for all lovers of this delicious dish. Thanks to its specific design, it makes it possible to scrape and cut raclette cheese with unparalleled precision. In addition, its robust construction and ergonomic design make it an ally of choice for all your raclette evenings.

A raclette knife thought out in every detail

By observing closely, every detail of this raclette knife testifies to its excellence. First, its thin blade, specially designed to scrape processed cheese, guarantees optimal use. Then, made from superior quality chrome nickel steel, it promises not only flawless performance but also exceptional longevity. Finally, for those who take the raclette seriously, this utensile quickly becomes essential.

Polyvalence at the service of sweet taste

Besides its ability to scrape cheese delicately, this professional knife also has a serrated side. Perfect for accurately cutting out the most crispy parts of the cheese. Thus, each portion is a delicacy to savor. Thanks to this tool, the raclette becomes a real child's play, combined pleasure and greed.

Comfort and efficiency brought together in one tool

The handling of this raclette knife is a real pleasure. Its ergonomic wooden handle ensures comfortable use, even during the longest meals. Whether you're a cooking professional or just a raclette lover, this tool guarantees you an improved dining experience. In short, it is the ideal accessory for successful raclettes each time.

Key points of the raclette knife

  • Type: must-have kitchen tool
  • Dimensions : 26 x 4cm
  • Weight: 82g
  • Material: Chrome nickel steel with wooden handle ornate with 2 brass rivet
  • Maintenance tip: give preference to hand washing

Customer Reviews

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Cynthia Bregy

Un plaisir de racler avec un vrai couteau et super pour couper les religieuses. Elles viennent tout bien. Très beau cadeau, bien apprécié.