TTM easy gas portable raclette oven

CHF 482.00

TTM raclette oven: Practical and light for half a wheel of cheese

Discover our practical and versatile raclette oven TTM. This raclette machine runs on gas (butane, propane) and is ideal for a half-cheese, whether round or square. Its tilting cheese holder offers height adjustment by rotation around the threaded rod. In addition, the oven is easily removable, which facilitates its maintenance. Enjoy full equipment, with a suitable case for each element of the device and a backpack included. Use it exclusively outdoors for convivial moments around raclette.

TTM squeegee machine for half grinding wheel: Practical in any situation

The TTM raclette machine is designed to fit a half-wheel of cheese, allowing you to fully enjoy your raclette. Its practical and lightweight format makes it an ideal companion for your outdoor outings. Thanks to its gas (butane, propane) operation, you can use it anywhere without worrying about an electrical power source. The tilting cheese holder offers great flexibility to adjust the height and achieve a uniform melting of your cheese. With its included insulated case, you can safely transport your half wheel of cheese.

TTM raclette machine: User-friendliness and simplicity 

Enjoy our TTM raclette machine, a practical and user-friendly device. With its ergonomic design and ease of use, simply place your half wheel of cheese on the tilting cheese holder and adjust the height according to your preferences. The raclette oven comes with a handy backpack, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. For moments of sharing and tasting, this TTM raclette machine is your best ally. Don't forget to get a hose and regulator for optimal outdoor use.
The gas cylinder (at least 1m away from the device) must be equipped with a pressure regulator (propane: 37mbar or 50 mbar; butane 28 mbar or 50 mbar). Hose: High pressure quality, reinforced, ø inside 8mm, ø outer 15 mm, maximum length 1.5 m.


  • Power: 2000-2500W
  • Height: 32 cm
  • Top dimensions: 43 x 28 cm
  • Weight 8 kg
  • How it works: Gas
  • Wheel of cheese: 1/2
  • Fabrication : Made in Switzerland
  • Supplied without hose and regulator
  • Supplied without gas cylinder
  • Use the device only outdoors
  • Use only propane and butane gas