Cottens wood-fired raclette oven

CHF 530.00

A culinary journey with the raclette oven over a wood fire

Are you an epicurean looking for authenticity? The wood-fired raclette oven is your answer. Designed in solid Swiss oak wood and stainless steel, it blends robustness and elegance. The magic works when the coals warm the cheese, giving it an inimitable flavor. If the idea is to bring a rustic and traditional touch to your meals, this raclette oven will meet all your expectations.

The promise of a memorable evening

Imagine: a star night, the laugh of your loved ones, and the gentle crackle of the wood fire. The wood-fired raclette oven is the secret ingredient to create a warm atmosphere. It just uses a few charcoal briquettes to melt your cheese. Its structure, combining the natural heat of wood and the solidity of stainless steel, makes it a reliable tool for all your evenings.

The raclette: an art to share

The half-wheel raclette oven brings a new dimension to this dish. Indeed, using the wood fire, he turns each piece of cheese into a delicious raclette. But the adventure does not end there. Indeed, its intuitive design invites each guest to get involved in the preparation. Finally if you are looking to merge tradition and sharing, this raclette oven is the essential tool.

Zoom on the characteristics of the wood-fired raclette oven:

  • Dimensions: Length 60cm, Width 20cm, Height 55cm
  • Weight: 6.8kg
  • Materials: Oak wood and stainless steel
  • Capacity: Fit for half a millstone (28 cm long, 13 cm wide) or a quarter of a millstone (14 cm long, 13 cm wide)
  • Note: being a wood-fired oven, the pace of preparation of the raclettes differs from a gas oven

Immerse yourself in the experience by discovering our video: