TTM Super Electric Raclette Oven

CHF 425.00

The TTM Super raclette oven: When elegance meets functionality

Are you looking for the perfect combination of performance and aesthetics for your TTM raclette oven? Its tilting support on a swing arm offers unmatched flexibility, allowing the distance between the cheeses to be adjusted for always optimal cooking. In addition, its solid cast aluminum base ensures flawless stability. A side switch has been designed to allow you to turn off the oven.

Simplified cleaning for more serenity

As we know, cleaning is often the weak point of raclette evenings. However, with the TTM Super raclette oven, this chore turns into a very simple task. After you turn off and let the appliance cool down, all you need is a damp cloth and a little soap to restore it to its glare. So your raclette oven will always be ready for use for your next tasty evenings.

A wise choice for all your evenings

First of all if it is necessary to consider all the characteristics of the TTM raclette oven. Indeed, every detail has been designed to offer you an optimal user experience. From its power to its ease of maintenance, including its elegant design, everything contributes to making your evenings raclette unforgettable moments. In addition, its Swiss manufacture is a guarantee of quality and durability.

Discover the major advantages of the TTM Super raclette oven

  • An investment that turns out to be sustainable
  • Undisputed stability thanks to the cast iron plate
  • A suitable capacity for two half-wheels
  • An interview that wants to be easy
  • A speed of service for raclettes always tasty
  • A refined design highlighted by natural stone inserts

Zoom on the characteristics of the TTM Super raclette oven

  • Power: 1000W
  • Voltage : 230 V (a 115 V version is also available)
  • Height: 35cm
  • Tray dimensions: 52 x 28 cm
  • Weight: 10.4 kg
  • Mode of operation: electric
  • Capacity: 2x1/2 cheese wheels
  • Fabrication : Made in Switzerland