TTM company history

The beginnings of TTM

Founded in 1964, TTM is the abbreviation and registered trademark of Thermal Treatments SA. Initially, the company focused on coating household products such as pans and containers. High temperature curing non-stick coatings have led to the use of the name Thermal Treatments.

Development of TTM: raclette ovens and more

Inspired by a regional culinary tradition, TTM began manufacturing raclette ovens for half-wheels of cheese and other household products in 1967. The objective was to apply TTM coatings to a clean range of products. Over time, the range has expanded to include electric and gas raclette ovens for quarter wheels and several half cheeses. The company operated distribution channels in Switzerland and abroad to market its products.

At the same time, TTM has continuously continued its technical coatings subcontracting activities for many industries in Switzerland and abroad to this day.

In 1996, TTM moved into a new production building in the Ile Falcon industrial area in Sierre (Valais, Switzerland) to ensure a solid base for its future development.

In 2000, TTM took over the product range of the "Melior" brand (raclette oven, Mongolian pot, grill pans, etc.) which was well established in particular in the Swiss retail trade. From then on, TTM marketed these products under its own brand, thus strengthening its position in the market.

Expansion of the TTM production range

Over the following years, TTM expanded its product range, including small non-electric raclette ovens that work with a paste burner or tealights. The "Twiny Cheese" product line was patented by TTM in 2004.

In 2007, following the acquisition by merger of the company Hagro Tech AG ("Fero" brand), TTM embarked on the marketing of professional products such as slicers and fryers, thus strengthening its position in the cash market. & carry. Since then, other brands such as “Lagrange” (plancha, table grills) complete the assortment.

In 2009-2010, the manufacturing site in Sierre (Valais, Switzerland) was expanded to meet growing demand.

Expansion of TTM production

Since 2010, TTM has continued to expand its production with new products such as the "Top range" raclette ovens, inspired by classic models and often used at larger events such as universal exhibitions, world championships or Olympic games.

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