TTM company history

History of TTM

Founded in 1964, the 3 letters TTM stand for Traitements Thermiques SA. Initially, the company specialized in coating pans and containers. It was this expertise in non-stick coatings that earned the company its distinctive name.

The raclette oven

Inspired by culinary traditions, the company sought to innovate. So, in 1967, TTM introduced its famous raclette oven for half-rounders. And why? To incorporate their avant-garde coatings. Later, they expanded their range to include electric and gas ovens. It's also worth noting that they made these raclette ovens known not only in Switzerland, but internationally too.

Its evolution

But TTM didn't stop there. It extended its skills by offering technical coatings to various industries. In 1996, the company put down roots in Sierre, consolidating its foundations. Turning the page in 2000, TTM adopted "Melior" products, such as raclette ovens, under its own name, further strengthening its market position.

TTM diversification

Over time, TTM continued to grow and transform. In 2004, it launched "Twiny Cheese". Then, in 2007, following the acquisition of Hagro Tech AG, this successful company diversified its catalog to include **innovative** professional products. Prestigious brands such as "Lagrange" have also enriched their offer.

TTM's recent expansion

In 2009, a new chapter opened with the expansion of their Sierre facility. Since 2010, they have been showcasing innovations such as the "Top range" oven, which can be seen at major events, raising their profile.

Commitment to innovation

TTM has always been driven by a passion for innovation. Constantly on the lookout for innovative techniques and materials, the company remains at the forefront of the raclette oven market. With customer satisfaction a top priority, this unwavering commitment to excellence has cemented its position as a leader in the raclette oven market. Each innovation is a perfect illustration of their desire to provide their customers with the very best.
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