Raclette oven TTM Evolene

CHF 630.00

Double electric raclette oven for two aligned half-cheese

Our double electric raclette oven is the ideal accessory for large tables of raclette cheese lovers. With a capacity of two half cheeses placed in a line, you can enjoy your favorite cheese without worrying about the size of the cheese. Indeed, you will no longer need to take two half-cheese of the same size.

A very functional electric raclette machine

The raclette oven is equipped with two resistors with independent function, which allows the oven to be used with a single half wheel of cheese if necessary. The two tilting "combi" cheese holders are coated with a non-stick coating for easy use and quick cleaning. The cheese racks are mounted on their own pivoting arm for maximum flexibility, allowing everyone to customize their dining experience.

This professional raclette machine is modern and stylish

The varnished wooden side handles give the raclette oven an elegant look and comfortable to grip. The oven's compact design makes it easy to store when not in use.

Characteristics : 

  • Power: 2x 1000W
  • Voltage : 230 V
  • Height 40cm
  • Dimension du plateau : 100xx28cm
  • Weight: 14.5 kg
  • Mode of operation: electric
  • Wheel of cheese: 2 x half wheel