To accompany a cheese raclette in Valais according to tradition?


To accompany a traditional cheese raclette:

The true way to eat a raclette according to the Valaisans: 

  • Firm potatoes when cooked
  • From pickles and little ones onions
  • A glass of wine dry white (usually Fendant found mainly in Valais)
  • As spices only pepper is accepted 

What potatoes to accompany the raclette?

To accompany your raclette, it is preferable to choose varieties of potatoes with firm but melting flesh, which can withstand cooking and do not brown.

There are several options, such as Chérie, Pompadour, Binje, Agata, Amandine, Ratte, Charlotte, Grenaille or Celtiane potatoes which can all adapt perfectly to your raclette.

How to cook potatoes to make cheese raclette?

In terms of cooking, they must be brushed carefully if necessary and boiled in a pan of lightly salted water.

There are several ways to tell if a firm potato is done:

  1. Using a knife or fork to prick the potato. If it is soft and yields easily, it is cooked.

  2. By touching the potato with the palm of the hand. If it's hot and soft, it's done.

  3. Using a cooking thermometer to measure the internal temperature of the potato. It should reach around 90°C.

It is important not to overcook the potatoes as they will become soft.

How to keep potatoes hot once cooked?

I advise you to leave a background of cooking water in your pan and put a lid. Thus the potatoes will remain hot and firm throughout the service of squeegees.

Or you put them in a potato bag provided for this purpose.

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