Best cheeses in the Fromage et Cime competition in Ovronnaz


Ovronnaz Cheese and Cime 2022

The 2022 "Ovronnaz Fromage et Cime" competition for the best cheese à raclette d'alpage takes place in Switzerland, in Ovronnaz in the beautiful canton of Valais.

A jury of experts made up of 6 professionals and enlightened amateurs, from the world of gastronomy and the world of cheese, valaisan awards each year the « Fromage & Cime d’Or » to the best scraped alpine cheese with a magnificent four gas raclette during the tasting.

The different raclette cheeses are supplied by the cheese makers of the different mountain pastures in Valais. Made exclusively from raw, whole milk (harvested between 900 and 1,900 meters above sea level), the Valais alpine cheese is worked in copper vats and matured on spruce boards as tradition dictates. The herbage of the pasture will determine the taste of the cheese so each cheese will obviously have a different taste depending on the composition of the herbage.

Competition procedure

Each member will taste all the raclette cheeses (18 cheeses), but not at the same time to avoid of course that one jury is influenced by another. There will be 3 series of 6 raclette cheeses at first. To finish on the 6 best cheeses raclette.

Each cheese has a number, so the scraper and the jury do not know where the cheese comes from. The tasting takes place early in the morning, so that the palate is in the best conditions to taste.

The results are as follows :  

6) The Pale mountain pasture 

5) The Champsot mountain pasture 

4) The Randonnaz mountain pasture (Fully) 

3) The mountain pasture of Tsalan d'Arbaz 

2) The Champoussin mountain pasture 

1) The Chaupalin mountain pasture 

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