Raclette cheese tongs

CHF 98.00

Live a new experience around cheese raclette

Discover the authentic Valais raclette over a wood fire. These tongs for wood-fired raclette will allow you to taste the real traditional raclette wherever you want. You can use it in nature around a good wood fire, in your pizza oven, or even at home in your fireplace. This raclette tongs is a "must to have" for all raclette lovers. Just light a fire, attach the Valais raclette cheese to this raclette accessory, place it in front of the fire, wait and scrape the half wheel! The ideal gift for any raclette cheese lover.

Light and easily transportable to dispense with the gas raclette oven

Thanks to its small size and lightness, all you have to do is put the raclette tongs in your backpack with half a wheel (or 1/4) of Valais raclette cheese and go hiking in the summer, if stop where you want, in a beautiful place, or your favorite place with a view of the mountains or a lake.

Instructions for making a magnificent raclette over a wood fire

First light the fire and let the wood burn long enough so that there is a nice layer of embers. Burn enough wood to have enough embers to scrape the cheese all the way through. It is best to melt the cheese about 8-15 cm from the embers. Depending on the temperature of the fire and the ability of the cheese to melt, let the cheese melt for about 1-2 minutes, turning the raclette tongs occasionally. Observe the surface of the raclette cheese, just before the cheese drips off, remove the half wheel of cheese, and scrape across the guests' plates.

Characteristics of the raclette cheese stand:

Dimensions :

  • Length: 30cm
  • Width: 25cm
  • Height: 8cm
  • Weight: 500gr

Material: stainless steel

The wood fire scraper tongs can be used with a half wheel (28 cm long, 9 cm wide) or a quarter wheel (14 cm long, 9 cm wide).