Raclette cheese tongs

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The raclette cheese tongs: in the Valais tradition

Not only does it allow you to savor the traditional raclette wherever you are, but it is also ideal for moments in the middle of nature, around a wood fire. You just have to light a fire, fix the cheese on the half-wheel raclette cheese pincer, position it facing the fire, wait a bit and then scrape.

Half Grindstone cheese tongs: Convenient and transportable

Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, this half-grindstone cheese pincer fits easily into your backpack. Carry half a grindstone or a quarter of raclette cheese from Valais, and imagine yourself hiking in summer, stopping in an idyllic setting, perhaps facing a mountain or near a lake, to enjoy an authentic raclette.

User manual

A good strawberry

First, light the fire and take the time to burn the wood well in order to obtain a nice layer of strawberries. Then make sure you have enough braises to scrape the cheese from start to finish. For optimal cooking, positions the cheese at a distance of 8-15 cm from the strawberries.

Melt the raclette cheese

Subsequently, depending on the intensity of the fire and the texture of the cheese, let it melt for 1-2 minutes. In the meantime, spin the raclette pincer from time to time. Finally, keeps a close eye on the surface of the cheese. Just before it starts to sink, remove the half-wheel and scrape it straight to your guests "plate.

Specifications of the raclette cheese tongs:

Dimensions :

  • Length: 30cm
  • Width: 25cm
  • Height: 8cm
  • Weight: 500gr

Made of stainless steel, this wood fire raclette pincer is compatible with half a wheel (28 cm long, 9 cm wide) or a quarter of a wheel (14 cm long, 9 cm wide).