"Ayent" gas raclette oven

CHF 589.00

This gas raclette oven, the most effective solution for scraping like the real ones

Whether it's for an outdoor party, on your terrace or balcony, in your outdoor living room, the "Ayent" half-wheel raclette oven guarantees you an exceptional time with family or friends.
This gas raclette oven is designed for 1 half wheel of cheese (round).
Unlike the electric raclette oven, this small gas raclette device allows you to melt cheese very quickly. So very little waiting on the side of your guests and the friendly side of the real raclette oven will make you a real specialist in cheese raclette. A small knob allows the gas burner to be turned when the demand for raclette becomes smaller.

No more problems with the maintenance of this traditional "Ayent" raclette oven

You can say goodbye to endless hours of cleaning. This beautiful gas raclette grill features a slim design and stainless steel construction for easy cleaning and maintenance, making cleaning easier than ever. A simple wipe with a sponge is enough to clean it quickly after use.

The characteristics of this gas raclette oven are a real concentrate of advantages

Its stability, its solidity, its heating power guarantee to spend unforgettable evenings with many guests. Its lightness also allows it to be transported easily, which makes it ideal for camping trips, or in the mountains in your chalet.

Characteristics of the gas raclette oven

  • Light raclette oven (3.7kg) for 1 half round cheese
  • Mode of operation: Gas
  • Consumption: 200–268g/h
  • Adjustable in height according to the height of the cheese
  • Adjustable in width according to the width of the cheese
  • Power: 2600–3400W
  • Height: 40cm
  • Dimension of the tray (length x width): 52x34cm
  • Included - Variable regulator with hose (length 1 meter/inner diameter 8mm/2)