Support for scraping to the end of the wheel

CHF 50.00

Avoid burning your fingers with the raclette oven shoe

The clogwooden Misterraclette™ is the ideal accessory foryour raclette oven! Use it to finish the bottom of thehalf wheels of raclette cheese. This will avoid burning your fingers trying to scrape theheel of raclette cheese. It is of course compatible with many brands ofraclette ovens, including theTTM raclette ovens.

No more waste with the cheese rack!

Thisraclette cheese standallows you to scrape the cheese all the way through. The goal is to stop scrapinghalf a wheel of cheesewhen it no longer exceeds the thickness of the hand. There is no problem with using a wooden product close to a heat source such as aelectric raclette ovenorgas.

This wooden raclette grill accessory is made in Valais!

We are proud to be able to say that thiswooden standforraclette oven is manufactured in Valais by a foundation whose objective is to reintegrate people with disabilities through supervision and professional activity in adapted workshops.

Features ofraclette cheese rack:

Dimensions :

  • 7cm wide (bottom of stand)
  • 8.5cm wide (top of stand)
  • 20cm (length)

Weight: 160g

Material: Swiss beech

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Jacques Perrin

Support pour racler jusqu'à la fin de la meule