Anniviers raclette cheese

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Discover the Aclette Cheese of Anniviers

Distinctions By the raclette du Valais PDO inter-profession

Fromagerie d'Anniviers, a cooperative proudly bringing together 27 milk producers from Val d'Anniviers since 1956, brilliantly works with traditional know-how with modern technology. Equipped with new premises and a state-of-the-art refining robot, it ensures a constant and exceptional quality to its Raclette cheese Of Anniviers. This unique combination makes it possible to perpetuate the authenticity and flavor of the mountain herbs that characterize the milk of the valley. Thanks to the use of the refining robot, Anniviers raclette cheese reaches its full taste potential, while preserving compliance with artisan methods. In 2019 and 2022, the Anniviers cheese dairy was distinguished by the raclette du Valais AOP interprofession, receiving the silver star for the excellent quality of its raclette cheese from Valais AOP.

Anniviers's raclette cheese-A tasting in the land of escape

A trip to the heart of the region's pastacreage thanks to Anniviers raclette cheese. In addition to its essential flagship product, "Le Fruité", which has a Protected Appelation d'Origine (PDO), the cheese maker also offers "Le Montagne". This raclette cheese comes from milk from two pastes in the Anniviers valley. The unique combination of these terroirs is revealed in each bite, offering an unmatched taste experience. Savor a Cheese Exceptional, recognized by the Laclette du Valais AOP interprofession for its remarkable quality.

Anniviers raclette cheese-Savor the quality directly at home

Let yourself be tried by the unique experience of raclette with Anniviers cheese. Thanks to the site, you can now order your raclette cheese online and receive it directly at home. Transforms your evening into a friendly moment by using your raclette oven, for an authentic tasting. With the products of the Fromagerie d'Anniviers, the Raclette Becomes a real holiday of flavors, alending tradition and modernity. Discover the award-winning raclette cheese from Anniviers, awarded by the raclette du Valais AOP inter-profession for its excellent quality, with the silver star.

Features of Anniviers raclette cheese

  • Valais raclette PDO with raw milk
  • Fromage grass a must pa well mi-dure
  • Package in 1/2 piece washed and vacuum and ready for use,
  • Average weight of a 1/2 room: 2.4kg
  • 3 to 5 months refining
  • Vacuum storage in the fridge: 1 month
  • Delivery every Tuesday and Thursday