Anniviers raclette cheese

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Discovery of the Raclette cheese of Anniviers

Notable descriptions by the Interprofession Laclette du Valais AOP

Since 1956, the Fromagerie d'Anniviers has combined tradition and modernity. Indeed, with its modern installations and its innovative refining robot, it guarantees a constant quality of its raclette. To top it off, in 2019 and 2022, this cheese dairy received the silver star of the Interprofession for its raclette cheese from Annivers du Valais AOP, stressing the exceptional quality of its product.

Taster of the Cheese at Raclette d'Anniviers: A taste journey

Diges into the heart of the mountain pastes thanks to the Val d'Anniviers. In addition to its flagship product, "Le Fruité", which benefits from a Protected Appelation d'Origine (PDO), the cheese dairy also presents "Le Montagne". Moreover, this raclette cheese from Valais comes from the milk of two separate mountain pastes from the Anniviers valley. Thus, each bite reveals the richness of these terroirs, offering an unparalleled tasting.

Order Anniviers's Raclette Cheese and taste it at home

Does the desire for an authentic raclette tickle you? So, with, order your raclette cheese online and receive it directly at home. In addition, make your evening an unforgettable moment with your raclette oven. Indeed, the products of the Fromagerie d'Anniviers transform the raclette into a taste celebration, mixing tradition and innovation.

Features of the Raclette d'Anniviers

  • Raclette du Valais AOP with raw milk
  • Semi-hard fatty cheese
  • Divided in half-piece, washed, vacuum-packed and ready-to-use
  • Average weight of half a piece: 2.4kg
  • Refined from 3 to 5 months
  • Vacuum storage in the fridge: 1 month
  • Deliveries made every Tuesday and Thursday