Wood-fired raclette oven "Zac"

CHF 480.00

Live a new experience around cheese raclette with this wood-fired raclette oven

Discover the authentic Valais raclette over a wood fire. This authentic raclette oven will allow you to taste real traditional raclette wherever you want. You can use it in nature, during a ski trip, during a hike in summer, or even quite simply at home in front of your home. This traditional raclette oven is a must to have for all raclette lovers. Just light a small fire in the container provided for this purpose, place the Valais raclette cheese and wait for the cheese to melt gently! The perfect present for any raclette cheese lover.

This flame raclette oven is an innovative product

Our wood-fired raclette oven is an authentic and traditional product that will allow you to make raclettes like in the mountains. The wood fire brings an incomparable flavor to your dishes and a warm atmosphere to your evening. This traditional wood-fired raclette oven is made with quality materials for long-lasting use and excellent heat resistance.

Instructions to know how to use this magnificent raclette oven for wood fire

First light the fire and let the wood burn a little so that there is a nice heat that emerges. Put your cheese on the surface provided for this purpose. Wait patiently for the cheese to start melting. Don't hesitate to pour yourself a little glass of Fendant waiting for.
Depending on the temperature of the fire and the ability of the cheese to melt, leave the cheese for about 1-2 minutes, turning it occasionally.
Wait until the surface of the raclette cheese starts to blister, just before the cheese drips off, remove the half wheel of cheese, and scrape it onto your plate. 

Features of the wood-fired raclette oven

  • Length: 44cm
  • Width: 32cm
  • Height: 24cm
  • Weight: 3.8kg
  • Material: stainless steel
  • The raclette oven for wood fire can be used with a half wheel (28 cm long, 13 cm wide) or a quarter wheel (14 cm long, 13 cm wide).
  • Please note that this is a wood-fired oven, so the output of the raclettes is not the same as with a gas oven.