Sierre" raclette cheese tongs

CHF 159.00

Discover the traditional raclette with the wooden fire raclette cheese tongs

Immerse yourself in the authentic Valais raclette with a wood fire. This wood fire raclette pincer allows you to taste the real traditional raclette wherever you go. In the heart of nature around a wood fire, this half-wheel pincer for cheese becomes the essential tool.

A light and portable alternative to the gas raclette oven

Thanks to its compact size and lightness, you can easily carry this raclette cheese pincer. Place it in your backpack with a half-wheel or a quarter of raclette cheese from Valais. Then, go hiking in summer and find a picturesque spot, be it your favorite spot with a beautiful view of the mountains or a serene lake.

How to use the half-wheel raclette cheese tongs

First prepares the fire

Turn on the fire and make sure to burn enough wood to get a nice layer of braises. Then make sure you have enough braises to scout the cheese from start to finish. For a perfect melt, place the cheese at an ideal distance of 8-15 cm of the braises.

Procedure for melting raclette cheese

Once you adjust the intensity of the fire and consider the texture of the cheese, let it melt for 1-2 minutes. Just think of pivoting the raclette pincer from time to time. Monitor the surface of the cheese and, as soon as it looks ready to flow, quickly remove the half-wheel and scrapes it carefully into the plate of your guests.

Features of wood fire raclette tongs:

  • Length: 58cm
  • Width: 40cm
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Material: stainless steel
  • The pincer is suitable for a half-die (28 cm long, 13 cm wide) or a quarter of a mold (14 cm long, 13 cm wide)