Misterraclette® Portable Gas Raclette Oven

CHF 448.00


Impress those around you by taking this portable raclette machine with you!

Whether it's for an outdoor party, a summer outing in the mountains or even during a ski tour, the "Misterraclette™" gas-powered raclette oven guarantees you to spend an exceptional moment with friends or in family.
Thanks to this portable gas raclette oven, there is no longer any excuse to escape and enjoy a good raclette in nature.
Unlike the electric raclette oven, this small raclette device allows you to melt cheese thanks to a small gas cylinder that is fixed to the oven and which allows you to scrape at least half a wheel or even more, depending on the wind. . Easy to use and stylish, this portable device can be taken anywhere! This gas raclette oven is designed for 1 half wheel of cheese (round). Take this trendy object with you on a picnic, or any other occasion where you want to enjoy a raclette!

Much more than just a portable raclette oven!

Thanks to the removable cheese holder, it allows you to hold the half wheel of raclette cheese in your hands without getting dirty or burning yourself. And thus allow you to scrape like the real ones, in an authentic way, even in nature.

This gas oven is not only practical but also very beautiful!

This portable device is equipped with a magnificent truck tarpaulin bag which not only gives the object a trendy look, but also happens to be very practical for storing the raclette oven (50x12x12cm). You won't have to worry about where to put it anymore. If you like cheese, this raclette oven is perfect for you! Click to order.

Features of the portable gas raclette oven

  • Light raclette oven (2.5kg) 
  • Adjustable in height according to the height of the cheese
  • Adjustable in width according to the width of the cheese
  • Foldable wooden support tray
  • Very simple and quick assembly and disassembly
  • Cheese rack removes with the cheese when scraping is needed
  • Hose included that adapts to gas cylinders
    screw-on butane/propane (EN 417)
  • Gas canister not delivered (found in stores
  • Autonomy of a Weber gas cylinder at 445 grams approximately 1h30 to 2h
  • Comes with a "truck tarp" cover or each item
    finds its place
  • Possibility of ordering in addition a clamp which allows to
    pass from the board/base.
  • For outdoor use only