Misterraclette® Portable Gas Raclette Oven

CHF 480.00

The portable raclette oven "Misterraclette® ": For unforgettable moments wherever you are

Imagine an outdoor evening, a summer mountain getaway or a winter ski ride. Unlike electric ovens, this portable raclette oven uses a small gas cylinder, making it possible to melt at least half a wheel of cheese, or even more depending on weather conditions. Easy to use and elegant, it is the ideal accessory for all raclette enthusiasts on the go.

An innovative design for an authentic raclette experience

The portable half-wheel raclette oven doesn't just come in handy. Thanks to its removable cheese support, it offers easy handling of the half-wheel, allowing the cheese to be scrape in the traditional way, even in the countryside. So each raclette becomes an authentic moment, wherever you are.

Aesthetic and functionality in a single raclette oven

Accompanying this device, the portable gas raclette oven comes with a stylish bag made of truck tarp. Not only does this bag add a trend touch to the set, but it is also very convenient to store and carry the oven (50x12x12cm). If the raclette is your cute sin, this oven is for you. Don't wait any longer and order it now.

Features of the portable raclette oven "Misterraclette ® "

  • Light weight of the raclette oven: 2.5kg
  • Adjustable in height and width according to the size of the cheese
  • Foldable wooden support tray for easy use
  • Simple and quick assembly
  • Removable cheese rack for easy to break
  • Flexible included, compatible with butane/propane gas cylinders to screw in (EN 417)
  • Gas cylinder not included (available in DIY stores)
  • Autonomy of a 445 gram Weber gas cylinder: approximately 1h30 to 2h
  • Delivered with a practical cover made of truck tarp
  • Option: joint clamping available for use without board/base
  • Use exclusively outdoors