TTM professional raclette machine for 3 half-cheese

CHF 950.00

The ideal raclette oven for an authentic experience

With our professional raclette device for 3 half-cheeses, you can dive into the heart of this authentic experience without leaving the comfort of your home. Whether you have a preference for an electric raclette oven or a gas raclette oven, having reliable equipment is essential to ensure perfect cooking for each use.

Technical description of the device

It is designed to accommodate 3 half-cheeses of round shape. Thanks to its 2 heating bodies with potentiometer, it guarantees a high speed per hour. In addition, you can easily adjust the height of all cheese carriers by rotating them around the threaded rod. In addition, the ability to adjust each cheese holder individually offers maximum flexibility, ideal for customizing your raclette evenings.

A raclette oven for memorable moments

The designers of this device have tried to make your life easier. For example, thanks to the temperature regulator, you adjust the heat according to your needs to get a perfect raclette. In addition, its ability to receive three half-cheeses allows you to serve a large quantity of raclettes. And, to top it off, its elegant design will bring a touch of sophistication to all tables.

Choose quality for memorable raclette evenings

It is essential to invest in a good raclette oven. Not only does this device promise you impeccable results every time, but, above all, it is also designed to last. Thanks to quality materials and a solid design, you can count on the longevity of this device. So, for successful raclette evenings, opt for quality and tradition with our professional raclette device.

Device highlights:

  • Strong design for increased durability
  • Ease of use for a hassle-free experience
  • Flexibility to adapt to different types of cheeses
  • Elegant design that fits all sets
  • Electrical mode of operation for constant and uniform heat