Gas raclette oven TTM Brio

CHF 727.00

The TTM furnace: a fusion of power and tradition

Are you passionate about traditional raclette? So, find out the TTM gas raclette oven . Designed specifically for two half-cheeses, whether round or square, this device is the perfect ally for outdoor evenings. Its cast aluminum base guarantees fast and uniform cooking. In addition, thanks to the adjustable cheese supports, you perfectly control the distance between the cheeses, thus ensuring optimal melting.

An outdoor experience with the TTM gas raclette oven

In an idyllic setting, the TTM gas raclette oven is revealed as the essential tool. Designed specifically for these magical outdoor moments, this device offers unparalleled flexibility. Indeed, it allows you to accurately adjust the height and distance between the cheeses, thus ensuring perfect cast iron and cooking with each use.

How to use this oven?

  1. Start by connecting the hose to your TTM raclette oven, then connect it to the regulator of your gas cylinder.
  2. Then gently open the gas cylinder tap to let the gas escape to the ceramic elements of the burner.
  3. Finally approach a flame Under the ceramic To turn on the gas.
  4. Once done, simply turn off the bottle tap to extinguish the flame.

Safety instructions for the gas raclette oven

  • Allows you to prepare a traditional raclette in the open air only with propane or butane gas.
  • The gas tank (gas cylinder of 1 kg or more, located at least 1 m from the device) must be equipped with a regulator (propane : 37 mbar or 50 mbar ; butane 28 mbar or 50 mbar).
  • Delivered with gas hose : high pressure, reinforced, internal ø 8mm, outer 15mm, maximum length 1.5 m.
  • Manufacturer: Heat treatments SA, Island Falon, 3960 Sierre, Switzerland.
  • Category: I 3B/P ; I 3 +.
  • Pression : propane 37 mbar/50 bar ; butane 28 mbar/50 mbar
  • Consommation : 200 - 268 g/h

Gas raclette oven specifications:

  • Power: 2600 - 3400W
  • Height: 40cm
  • Dimensions of the tray: 52x28cm
  • Weight: 13.8 kg
  • Mode of Operation: Gas
  • Capacity: 2 x half-wheel