Gas raclette oven TTM Brio

CHF 648.00

A powerful gas raclette oven 

The powerful gas oven (butane, propane) designed for 2 half round or square cheeses is the ideal device for evenings outdoors at large tables or for any lover of raclette. With its cast aluminum base plate, this raclette grill offers an exceptional and fast cooking experience. The swivel arm tilting cheese racks provide an adjustable distance of 2cm between cheeses, while the height of the cheese rack can be adjusted by rotating around the threaded rod.

A gas raclette machine designed for the outdoors

This gas raclette oven is designed to be used exclusively outdoors, which makes it the perfect accessory for evenings when the raclette flows freely , with family or friends. Adjusting the height and distance between the cheese lets you customize your cooking experience and get the perfect result every time.

Brio Gas raclette oven user manual

  • Allows you to make the traditional raclette outdoors with propane or butane gas only.
  • The gas tank (bottle from 1 kg, at least 1 m away from the appliance) must be fitted with a regulator (propane: 37 mbar or 50 mbar; butane 28 mbar or 50 mbar).
  • Supplied without hose, recommended quality: high pressure, reinforced, interior ø 8 mm, exterior ø 15 mm, maximum length 1.5 m.
  • Manufacturer: Thermal Treatments SA, Ile Falcon, 3960 Sierre, Switzerland
  • Category: I 3B/P; I 3+
  • Pressure: Propane 37 mbar / 50 bar; Butane 28 mbar /50 mbar
  • Consumption: 200 – 268 g/h
  • Power: 2.6kW – 3.4kW

Starting and stopping the Brio gas oven 

  1. Connect the hose to the raclette device by fixing it with a flange and connect it to the regulator located on the gas bottle.
  2. Open the gas bottle valve. The gas exits through the ceramic elements of the burner.
  3. Light the gas by bringing a flame under the ceramic (with a match for example).
  4. To cut off the flame, close the valve on the gas cylinder.

Safety regulations for the gas raclette machine

  • Use the device outdoors only.
  • Never use the device near highly flammable materials.
  • Do not place the device on a slightly flammable support.
  • Make sure that the material on which the oven is placed can withstand temperatures up to 80°C.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 30 cm between the gas appliance and the wall.
  • Avoid excessive rotational force on the pipe.
  • Take care that the pipe is never exposed to excessive heat.
  • Change the hose if national regulations require it.
  • Only use the appliance for preparing raclette.
  • Do not run it empty.
  • Turn off the gas if raclette preparation is interrupted.
  • Warning: The raclette grill (especially the burner) becomes hot.
  • Never touch or move the device when it is in use.
  • Children should not use the device.
  • Allow the gas raclette grill to cool for 20 to 30 minutes after turning it off.
  • Don't cover it.
  • Warning: Never change the gas cylinder near a source of spark.

Characteristics : 

  • Power: 2600 - 3400W
  • Height 40cm
  • Size of the tray: 52x28cm
  • Weight: 13.8 kg
  • Mode of Operation: Gas
  • Wheel of cheese: 2 x half wheel