Sion gas raclette oven

CHF 630.00

Discover the "Sion" gas raclette oven: a fusion of design and efficiency

In search of originality for your raclette evenings? The "Sion" gas raclette oven for half grindwheel is the perfect answer. Unlike electric models, its speed is simply impressive. And that's not all: thanks to its stainless steel manufacture, it promises remarkable longevity, qualifying it perfectly for professional use.

A simplified interview

In terms of maintenance, the "Sion" raclette oven turns out to be a real gem. Indeed, thanks to its stainless steel design, cleaning becomes a piece of cake: a simple blow of sponge and voila. In addition, its robustness combined with its simplicity of use positions it as a strategic choice for all your evenings dedicated to greed.

The many features of the "Sion" design raclette oven

Not only does the "Sion" half-wheel raclette oven not just be aesthetic, but it also offers unfailing stability and solidity. Without forgetting an impressive heating power. Whether you want to scout cheese in the traditional way or switch for a better grip, this device will meet all your expectations. Don't wait any longer and give yourself an unmatched raclette experience by ordering now.

Ease of use

Indeed, the "Sion" raclette oven also stands out for its ease of use. Every detail, from starting to scraping cheese, has been designed to give you a smooth and enjoyable user experience. So even raclette novices will quickly find their marks. So, if you are looking for a reliable ally for your friendly evenings, the "Sion" is the obvious choice.

Features of the gas raclette oven "Sion"

  • Quality material: food stainless steel
  • Elegant design of the 7kg raclette oven, designed for half a round wheel
  • Operation: Gas
  • Consumption: 200–268g/h
  • Height and width adjustment according to the size of the cheese
  • Tilting cheese rack for easy use
  • Ease of assembly and disassembly in 3 parts
  • Power: 2600–3400W
  • Total height: 40 cm
  • Dimensions of the tray: 50x45cm
  • Included: Variable regulator with hose (1 meter length, inner diameter 8mm/2)