Sion gas raclette oven

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No compromise on design for this "Sion" gas raclette oven

Are you tired of traditional raclette ovens? Would you like to stand out and be original? Here is the new "Sion" raclette oven. The "Sion" raclette oven for half wheels is a gas appliance. Unlike the electric raclette oven, this design oven allows you to melt raclette cheese much faster. Thus, very little waiting on the part of your guests. The friendly side of the real raclette oven will make you a real cheese raclette specialist. A small rod allows the gas burner to be turned when the demand for raclettes becomes less important and a gas inlet valve can be closed if necessary. Made of stainless steel, it promises a long service life and is therefore also suitable for professionals.

Maintenance of this gas raclette oven is a breeze

No more maintenance problems for this traditional "Sion" raclette oven. Its high quality and durability make it an easy-to-use raclette machine, as well as a useful and long-lasting piece of equipment. It is made of stainless steel, which means that it can be cleaned easily, with a simple wipe of a sponge. This makes it a good investment for your kitchen, because you know it will be there when you need it!

And here are some advantages of this magnificent designer raclette oven!

This "Sion" half-wheel raclette oven offers stability, solidity and safety, as well as high heating power. It is the perfect way to spend memorable evenings with many guests. If you want to tilt the cheese for scraping, this device will allow you to do that as well. Order now and we will deliver it directly to your home.

Features of the "Sion" gas raclette oven 

  • Material: food grade stainless steel
  • Design raclette oven (7kg) for 1 half round cheese
  • Mode of operation: Gas
  • Consumption: 200–268g/h
  • Adjustable in height according to the height of the cheese
  • Adjustable in width according to the width of the cheese
  • Reclining cheese rack
  • Dismountable in 3 parts
  • Power: 2600–3400W
  • Height: 40cm
  • Dimension of the tray (length x width): 50x45cm
  • Included - Variable regulator with hose (length 1 meter/inner diameter 8mm/2)


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