Cow design raclette knife

CHF 100.00

Craft raclette knife: A unique design for your tasting

Discover our stainless steel craft raclette knife, an essential accessory for your tasting moments during a good cheese raclette. With its unique design, you will find in the center of the blade an artistic representation of a cow and a sire, black with acid. This 24-cm-length, 6-cm blade-width knife is an aesthetic and functionality for an exceptional raclette experience. Enjoy its strength thanks to its stainless steel material, guaranteeing durability and foolproof resistance.

Ease of maintenance: A practical everyday raclette knife

In addition to its unique design, our artisan raclette knife is distinguished by its ease of maintenance. Made of stainless steel, it is hand washable, which allows you to keep it in perfect condition for all your raclette tasting . Its wooden handle offers a comfortable and secure grip, adding a natural touch to the whole. With a weight of 130g, this knife alights lightness and robustness for practical use in everyday life. Take advantage of its artisan quality to enjoy your raclettes in all simplicity.


  • Type: Essential Kitchen Tool
  • Size: 24x6cm
  • Length of the wooden handle: 12cm
  • Weight: 130gr
  • Material: Stainless steel and wooden handle with 2 brass rivet
  • Care: hand wash