What does the pickle really bring us?

What does the pickle really bring us?

The pickle brings that touch of acidity and crunch in the mouth that is missing when eating a good squeegee creamy and runny cheesecake.

This helps to refresh the palate and give more dimension to the dish. It also brings an extra splash of color and flavor to the whole dish.

Since this dish is known to be relatively difficult to digest, raclette needs pickles and small onions vinegar to lighten this traditional Valais dish, and thus allow us to consume more raclettes, of course.

In terms of nutritional values, the sweet and sour pickle contains only 37 kcal per 100 gr.

How many pickles and onions per person for the raclette?

There is no exact amount of pickles and onions to use for the raclette as it depends on individual preference.

However, for a classic raclette evening, it is generally recommended to plan a total of about 50g of pickles and 30g of onions per person.

This can vary depending on the number of people, their appetites, and how many sides you want to provide. It is important to provide enough ingredients so that everyone can take according to their tastes, but not too many to avoid waste.

Which brand of onion pickles is recommended by Misterraclette?

I obviously recommend the brand of pickles Hugo Reitzel. Who does not know this famous Swiss brand of pickles?Reitzel is a Swiss family business founded in 1909. It is currently led by Stéphanie Reitzel who represents the 4th generation.

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